Another roasting hot week predicted in Milton Keynes, according to the latest forecasts

The hot weather is set to continue in Milton Keynes this week.

By James Lowson
Monday, 7th June 2021, 4:10 pm

In May, it felt like great summer weather was not coming to Milton Keynes in 2021, well look how quickly things can change.

The latest projections from the Met Office suggests the sweltering sunshine experienced over the Bank Holiday is here to stay.

The hot sunny weather currently gracing Milton Keynes today (June 7), is expected to remain throughout the rest of the week.

sunshine in Milton Keynes

The Met Office's predictive tools show potential highs of 22 degrees today, temperatures could rise as high as 24 degrees later on in the week.

One note of caution for today's weather is that the prediction suggests there will be cloudy with sunny intervals, so those hoping to catch some rays after work might miss the sun at its finest.

Another important note is that the Met Office is not predicting rain, at all, this week. On Thursday it warns the weather may be overcast, but at no point this week does the projection for rain rise above 10%, mostly staying at an under 5% chance.

Tomorrow's overview for the weather in Milton Keynes on the Met Office website, is summarised in just one word as: sunny. Peak temperatures for Tuesday are forecast at 22 degrees. Tomorrow's weather is described as: "Remaining dry and warm with long periods of sunshine", by the Met Office.

Sunday has the highest predicted temperature for the week at 24 degrees. Sunny weather is expected every day this week, but conditions could become overcast on Thursday and cloudy at points on Friday afternoon, and again at times midday on Saturday.