Central Milton Keynes is the coolest place to be this afternoon

Milton Keynes
Milton Keynes

As the heatwave reach its peak for the day, the coolest place to be right now is Central Milton Keynes.

Met Office charts show the temperature there is 34 degrees, a whole two degrees lower than nearby Newport Pagnell. Wolverton and Willen Lake all reached record highs of 36 degrees at 4pm.

Bletchley was slightly cooler at 35 degrees.

Neighbouring Hemel Hemstead though was recording 37 degrees by 4pm.

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The good news is though that everywhere in MK will start to cool down over the next hour - but only by one degrees or so until later this evening.

London, however is the exception. There the temperature is 36 degrees now but between 5pm and 6pm it is set to rise to a sizzling 37 degrees.