Footwear company introduces range of ‘Summer Office Slippers’ for employees bothering co-workers with bare feet in Milton Keynes

As temperatures soar today, a footwear company is introducing a range of breathable 'summer office slippers' for hot and bothered office workers.
Do you dare go bare at work?Do you dare go bare at work?
Do you dare go bare at work?

The slippers are made from material designed to prevent unpleasant foot odour from circulating to co-workers desks, and discourages employees from walking around their workplace bare foot.

They have been specifically created to keep feet as cool and comfortable as possible during periods of high temperatures, with a design aimed to blend in to an office setting and prevent any unwanted aromas from sweaty feet circulating work areas .

The Bedroom Athletics Company hit upon the idea after surveying more than 2,000 office workers across the country to discover the most off-putting behaviours within a business environment.

Do you dare go bare at work?Do you dare go bare at work?
Do you dare go bare at work?

They say 38 per cent of people complained about colleagues' "unpleasant body odours" from armpits or feet.

Some 33 per cent highlighted explicit/foul language, while 19 per cent said they loud chewing or eating distasteful.

"Overloud talkers" botheres 16 per cent of workers, while people singing or humming to themselves irritated eight per cent.

Bedroom Athletics director Howard Wetter said: "We’ve seen the UK temperatures reach the low 30’s in recent weeks, and when you take into account that the majority of smaller UK offices are unlikely to have invested in pricey air conditioning, this makes for some sweaty and uncomfortable environments for workers, who are likely to do anything to try and stay cool during the peak sunshine hours"

He added: “The results of our study, coupled with the fact that we’ve been approached by companies looking for solutions to deal with employees walking around offices barefoot, clearly shows that there is a demand for comfortable office footwear during the summer months. We hope that this range of Summer Office Slippers will help to make everyone a little more comfortable as we experience additional heatwaves.”