Warm and sunny weather should finally reach Milton Keynes this Bank Holiday weekend

Forecasts predict we may finally be getting warm sunny weather.

By James Lowson
Thursday, 27th May 2021, 12:02 pm

Weather forecasts finally predict, bright sunny weather should be heading to Milton Keynes in time for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Today's sunny forecast (May 27), is the start of consistently warm summer weather expected until July 1.

Temperatures could rise right up to 18 degrees today according to the Met Office's forecast. A gentle breeze will stop today's weather turning totally mediterranean, but the treacherous winds from earlier in the month look to be long gone, week look to be long gone.

Willen Lake

Another source of hope from the upcoming forecast is a clear lack of predicted rain, the chance of precipitation doesn't creep above 10% for the entirety of the Bank Holiday in Milton Keynes.

The Met Office projections have a 10% chance of rain tomorrow, but believe the chance of precipitation is less than 5% for the rest of the week, apart from a brief spell on Saturday afternoon.

The BBC is equally positive when it comes to today's weather describing the East of England's forecast as: "Largely sunny throughout the day, just with a few patches of cloud in places during the afternoon."

Temperatures will be similar to today on Friday, but markedly more overcast, the general description on the Met Office's forecast uses just one word, cloudy. It will be slightly more gusty tomorrow, throughout the day a breeze is forecast to swirl through the air at 10 miles-per-hour. However, the highest potential temperature is just one notch lower at 17 degrees.

Saturday will be cloudy with sunny intervals, and slightly higher wind speeds that could reach 13 miles-per-hour. It should be another warm day with highs of 18 degrees projected.

The clouds are expected to part on the Bank Holiday Sunday, which is simply described as sunny by the Met Office. Late afternoon weather could reach highs of 20 degrees, whilst a gentle breeze should stop the weather from becoming overwhelming.

The warm weather is expected to continue on Monday, lighter winds could contribute to highs of 21 degrees, once again the Met Office expects minimal clouds in the sky.

Early projections also expect another sunny day on Tuesday, with a greater highest temperature of 22 degrees predicted.