Weaving Trust between faith communities in MK

Weaving Trust campaign launch at Granby Mosque PNL-150428-111556001
Weaving Trust campaign launch at Granby Mosque PNL-150428-111556001

A campaign to build bridges between communities in Milton Keynes is seeking backing from politicians, police and business leaders.

Weaving Trust was launched on Saturday at the Granby mosque by Citizens:mk, an alliance of MK’s faith and education organisations.

Eighteen people from different community organisations attended the launch and it is hoped the event will be one of many.

Shabir Sabur, Granby Mosque president said: “When our mosque was attacked by a fire bomb two years ago, we were overwhelmed by the support of MK individuals and institutions. We want all communities to feel as supported as we do and this Weaving Trust event was a beginning of building a bridge between various communities.”

The campaign is calling for political and business leaders to get involved.

“We plan to invite more host organisations and guest organisations for future events,” said Tim Norwood, area dean and leader of the Weaving Trust campaign.

“At our public accountability assembly this Thursday at Cornerstone Church, between 6.15pm and 7.45pm, we will ask our political and business leaders to support the campaign to achieve 1,000 Weaving Trust conversations during the next year.

“To get their backing, we need to show the combined power of all people who are proud to live in a tolerant and trusting city. We are hoping for a turnout of 250. All are welcome.”

Alireza Versi, of Granby Mosque said: “Growing up in this multi-cultural city has been a hugely enriching experience for me. When we had the fire-bombing, the reaction of the wider community showed a rejection of hatred and violence. It reaffirmed the strong values of diversity and resilience among communities who know one another.”