Weight Watchers aim to drop pounds by giving food away

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A group of Weight Watchers have come up with a novel idea of how to shed a few pounds in 2014 – by simply giving their food away to charity.

Members of Weight Watchers groups across Milton Keynes are boosting their prospects of becoming healthier this year by donating their unwanted food to the city’s Food Bank.

The group came up with the idea of clearing out their cupboards as a positive way of boosting their own personal weight-loss, but also as a way to support families in crisis in the local area.

With many new members set to join Weight Watchers in the coming weeks, the city’s group leader, Rachel Satchel, launched the campaign to get members giving away food they no longer need in order to help them re-claim control of their personal circumstances for a good cause.

Some people have already handed over their unwanted Christmas treats like crisps and chocolates, along with the essential foods the Food Bank always requires like canned food and UHT milk.

Mrs Satchel, leader at Two Mile Ash meetings, said: “We are asking members at our meetings if they would like to donate for a good cause. Over Christmas time everybody over indulges and buys things that go to waste.

“Our previous donations last year have supported our local Food Bank, so instead of throwing out unwanted food items, I will ask members to bring the food items in to the meetings where I will collect on behalf of the charity.

“We have between 30 and 60 people attending regularly, so across the 17 meetings held across Milton Keynes we are looking at a sizable donation to make to the local Food Bank.”