Welcome to Milton Keynes the city of selfish parkers

More than 3,700 motorists in MK were fined for flagrantly misusing disabled parking bays last year.

Thursday, 5th April 2018, 9:00 am
Updated Thursday, 5th April 2018, 9:05 am
Is Milton Keynes the city of selfish parkers?

But the maximum they had to pay was £70 – a sum that is far too low, according to city Alderman Paul Bartlett.

He wants able-bodied people who park in blue badge bays to be fined at least £400, with no right of appeal for the culprit.

“I have heard every excuse going, but there is simply never an excuse or reason for a non-disabled person to park in a designated space meant for those officially deemed to need a blue badge,” he said.

Paul Bartlett Alderman

“Abusing a blue badge space is equivalent to abusing a disabled person. It could be classed as a selfish hate crime,” he added.

The most regular locations for abuse are outside cash machines, banks, post offices, and shops.

MK Theatre is a hotspot for disabled bay misuse as are, ironically, the bays outside council’s civic offices.

Paul, who was a Tory councillor for many years, wrote to MK Council asking for the misuse statistics and suggesting the fine be raised as a deterrent.

The council explained the levels of fines are set by central government and the maximum possible charge is £70.

“The income is ring-fenced and must be re-invested in transport,” said a spokesman.

He added: “We undertake very thorough blue badge enforcement and last year issued 3,736 fines for this.”

The sum represents more than 10 per cent of total penalties issued for all parking contraventions.

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Paul Bartlett Alderman
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