Welsh woman celebrates her 100th birthday in Tyringham

A 100-year-old woman described as being a ‘strong Welsh character’ was surrounded by her family as she celebrated her momentous birthday today.

Sarah Hammonds was treated to a birthday party at Park House Residential Care Home in Tyringham, where residents, staff and her family gathered to mark the big occasion.

Sarah Hammonds

Sarah Hammonds

Sarah, who enjoys going out on visits and attends church regularly as well as going to Blind Club each fortnight, was born in Braumanr, Wales on April 7, 1914 to her father George, who was a miner, and mother Beatrice who was a housewife.

She says that life was hard when she was young as jobs were scarce and remembers when her father was out of work that he used to go up the mountain to dig out coal to use.

Sarah attended Braumanr Council School where she played netball and tennis on the school playing fields, but after leaving she got a temporary job as a doctor’s receptionist and then went on to work as a children’s nurse in London.

The ‘fiery’ Welsh woman married twice; her first husband was called Arthur and her second husband was called George and had two children called Michael and Derek and two grandchildren called Jayne and Gareth.

She lived in Whalley Drive, Bletchley, until moving into Park House in 2010 where she is visited by her family often.

Sarah Michelle Yusuf, senior carer, said: “We are really proud because she has been with us for four years; it’s really nice to have someone we have looked after reach 100 and for them to be as nice as Sarah is.

“She is a strong Welsh character; very fiery with a lot of personality!

“Her son Michael his wife and Pat and Sarah’s granddaughter Jayne are coming for a party later.

“We’ve got decorations and lots buffet food that we’re going to set out in the dining room so she can really enjoy it.”