What One Direction star Harry Styles said to Hollie Carter

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One Direction star Harry Styles opened his heart to a little girl from Milton Keynes – and confessed he’d like to be a BAKER if he wasn’t a singer.

Harry and his bandmates had a special meeting with nine-year-old Hollie Carter after their concert in Wembley on Saturday.

Hollie has a rare condition called Niemann Pick Type C which, because it destroys cells in the brain, is also known as childhood Alzheimers.

She has already developed learning difficulties, slight physical problems and high frequency hearing loss, but waiting for the full impact of the disease to strike is “like sitting on a ticking time bomb”, said her mum Helen, who runs the Hope for Hollie charity.

“In terms of One Direction though, Hollie is just like any other nine-year-old. she adores them – and she especially loves Harry. She even wrote the word Harry across her face for the occasion!”

The visit was arranged through Rays of Sunshine children’s charity by Shenley Brook End teenager Carl Mason. A talented film-maker, he shot a promotional video for Hope for Hollie.

The film, which can be viewed on http://www.hopeforhollie.co.uk shows Hollie declaring her dream is to meet One Direction.

Afterwards 16-year-old Carl contacted One direction management and Rays of Sunshine to arrange the meet and greet session.

Said Helen, who lives in Shenley Brook End: “It was just incredible and Hollie loved every second of it.

“Harry was brilliant. He got down on her level, chatted to her and hugged her. She asked all the band members what they would like to do if they weren’t in the band. Harry said he’d probably be a baker!”

Before One Direction shot to fame, Harry worked in a bakery part-time from the age of 14.

Bandmate Liam Payne had a different plan – he told Hollie he wanted to be a fireman.

Hollie is pictured with the band, her mum Helen, dad Pete and brothers Joshua, 12 and four-year-old Lucas.