What’s the weather like in Milton Keynes? Find out with these live traffic webcams

The M1 in MK
The M1 in MK

If the nationwide TV weather forecast doesn’t give you enough detail, a fast and reliable way to check the local conditions is to view live traffic webcams.

The so-called ‘Beast from the East’ is sweeping the UK, and has resulted in the Met Office issuing weather warnings across the nation.

Police across the country have advised motorists to avoid driving if possible owing to poor visibility and treacherous conditions.

But if you need to see what driving conditions are like, these locally positioned traffic webcams will give you the latest picture of both traffic levels and weather on your route.

Follow the link below and hit next/back to cycle through the various cameras along the M1 northbound at Milton Keynes.

CCTV motorway traffic camera of the M1 Northbound Motorway - J13, Milton Keynes