What’s up duck?

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HOSPITAL bosses are being driven quackers by their cutest ever health problem – in the form of fluffy ducklings.

The two-legged tenants have adopted the hospital grounds as their home, even though there is no water.

Kind-hearted patients and volunteers are feeding them and have even put out paddling pools for them.

“They are lovely to see and it brightens up the day for patients when they can watch the ducklings out of the window,” said one visitor.

But now the ducks have been given their waddling orders by hospital bosses, though the babies have been granted a stay of execution until they reach maturity.

A spokesman said the enthusiastic duck-feeding could attract vermin and also prevent the ducklings from moving on naturally to seek a more suitable environment.

“ There is also a risk that the ducks will be so well looked after they will not want to leave and lead normal lives,” she added.

“Whilst the ducklings are very popular with both staff and patients, we have a duty to protect our patients as well as ensuring the wellbeing of these lovely animals.”

After seeking advice from wildlife experts, the hospital plans to capture the ducks when they are fully-grown and release them on nearby waters.