'Where's Wally' cat rescued by firefighters after getting stuck in cavity wall at vets in Milton Keynes

A wandering cat called Walter caused a real-life Where's Wally drama when he disappeared into a tiny hole in the wall while visiting the VET.

Thursday, 19th September 2019, 5:53 pm

Black and white Walter ended up stuck in the surgery's cavity wall and was the subject of a full-scale rescue involving a fire engine and five burly firefighters.

“He was well and truly wedged,” said his owner Barry McKenna, who had taken the two-year-old cat to Willow Vets in Olney for his annual check up.

The vet was just drawing the vaccine into the syringe when Walter suddenly decided to explore the surgery. There is a fridge under a worktop and he disappeared behind that.


“The vet pulled the fridge out, expecting him to appear. But there was no Walter. We couldn't think where he was,” said Barry.

The pair then realised there was a small hole in the cavity wall near a socket. They realised Walter had squeezed in and was unable to get out.

After fruitless attempts to coax him, Barry called the fire service.

“I didn't know the number so I had to call 999. I explained to the operator that there was no fire but my cat was stuck in the vets' wall.”

Firefighters were called to rescue Walter

Olney crew turned up within minutes, parking their fire engine outside the High Street surgery.

They used a special saw to carefully enlarge the hole until the vet was able to reach inside and drag Walter out.

“He was actually fine. He didn't seem that bothered about his ordeal,” said Barry.

“When I took him home, he wolfed down his dinner and then banged at the cat flap to go out again.”

The hole in the wall where Walter got stuck

Walter was adopted by Barry and his wife from Bedfordshire's Stray Cat Rescue a year ago. But his wanderlust has already caused them grey hairs on two previous occasions.

"He's gone missing twice, once for a few days and once for two and a half weeks. We've put posters all over Olney, but each time he's come home of his own accord, looking a bit sorry for himself.” said Barry.

“We think he probably got shut in somewhere. He seems to have a thing about exploring small spaces.

“He's a great cat but sometimes he lives up to his name and can be a real wally!”