Who could do this to a tiny kitten?

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A newborn kitten hurled out of a car window on to a 70mph dual carriageway has miraculously survived.

The tiny scrap was scooped up by a former police officer, who risked her own life to park in the middle of the road and dodge the traffic.

“I saw some pretty horrific sights during my 16 years with the police, but seeing this poor kitten lying bleeding in the middle of the road was the most emotional moment ever,” said Donna Demain.

She is now bottle feeding the kitten, named Daisy, and plans to keep her.

Meanwhile she is determined to trace the callous culprits who threw her from the car in broad daylight on the H10, Bletcham Way.

“Somebody must have seen something. Whoever did it should be brought to justice.”

Donna was driving under the A5 bridge towards the 
Caldecotte Arms at 5.30pm on Saturday when she noticed other motorists swerving to avoid a small creature in the road.

She rushed to Walnut Tree vets with the shivering kitten, which was bleeding from the jaw from where it hit the ground.

Kind-hearted nurses treated the wound for free.

Now almost a week old, Daisy is guzzling her two hourly feeds and gaining strength.

“She’s just incredible – and a real fighter,” said Donna.