Who lives in a house like this?

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THIS is the current home of Paul Allsop and Karen Dayton.

Furious plot owners at the Stoke Road allotments near the Lakes estate in Bletchley alerted the Citizen that the couple had set up camp across their four plots, living there full time while still holding a property in neighbouring Windermere Drive.

When approached, Mr Allsop confirmed he and partner Ms Dayton lived at a bungalow in Windermere Drive, but would stay at the allotment, sleeping in a large van parked near the entrance, only when it got too dark to walk home.

However, plot owner John Osbourne claimed the couple were living there full time.

“They have been living there permanently for years now,” Mr Osbourne said. “The other allotment owners are at their wits’ end.

“They make the place look dreadful, it stinks and there has got to be a health and safety issue there.

“Rubbish is piled up everywhere and they’ve got cats, dogs and chickens roaming around. Frankly, it’s disgusting.”

Dennis Hutchings, who took over from Ms Dayton as the warden for the Stoke Road Allotments Association, said the committee could not evict them because they didn’t know who actually owned the allotments.

Milton Keynes Council confirmed it was investigating the matter.