Who owns le chat roux?

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THERE was a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ about a stray cat found this week.

But vets didn’t realise exactly what it was until they discovered the long haired ginger and white moggy was, how do you say, français.

The stray had been handed into Midsummer Vets in Stantonbury with a wounded leg.

There they scanned him for a chip and were amazed to find that the one he had is registered in France.

This led to him being nick named Jean-Claude, but ironically the information chip revealed his name is a far more British ‘Tommy’.

He was born in December 2004 in the Orne region of France and his owner is named as Tanya Kenny.

It is believed, however, that he could have an owner in Milton Keynes because he has been seen around for quite a while. If this is the case, then he can be released to them. Otherwise he will have to go into quarantine.

He won’t be discharged into quarantine until his leg is fully healed though, so this has bought some time to find an owner here, if there is one.

The RSPCA is desperate to find any of his owners. If you know anything about Tommy you can contact Midsummer Vets on 01908 321115.