“Why I voted for Jeremy Corbyn’: Conservative Alderman speaks out

A city Alderman planning to re-stand as a Conservative councillor has posed as a Labour fan to vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

Paul Bartlett, who spent 16 years as an MK Tory councillor, cast his vote for Labour leadership “in support of democracy”.

A supermarket worker, he is a rep for USDAW and was offered the chance to vote through the union.

“I was given an opportunity to use my democratic right so I took it,” he said,.

“Corbyn is a man of principles. I will always be a true blue, so I may not agree with his principles but I admire the fact that he has them.

Mr Bartlett, who is 54, even has a ‘Vote Corbyn’ sticker on the back of his car.

He applied for his vote online and admits to “bending the truth” when ticking the box confirming he was a labour supporter.

Mr Bartlett hopes to stand in MK as a Tory next year.