Widow in appeal for stolen antiques

Items like this were stolen from the garage
Items like this were stolen from the garage

A woman who has had a number of expensive and sentimental items stolen is offering a substantial reward to see them returned.

The woman, 62, who we are not naming for safety reasons, had collected a range of antiques including glasses, fine china and porcelain figurines during her 38-year marriage as well as embroidered paperweights made by her mother.

The items were stolen from the widow’s garage on around June 17 as she had moved them there to have carpet laid.

She said: “The items are wedding presents, presents from my husband and things that we had accumulated over the years, things that were hugely sentimental to us. I am desperate to get them back. I don’t want anything else I just want them back.

“I only moved them so I could have the carpet relaid in the sitting room and the hallway so it was only a temporary thing. I can’t believe this has happened.”

The list of stolen items includes Wedgwood bowls, an antique pink and gold tea set and antique ivory figurines.

Anyone with information can call police on 101 or email the Citizen at editorial@mkcitizen.co.uk