Will you be in the top two per cent? Mensa IQ test in MK

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A Mensa supervised IQ test is being held in Milton Keynes next month, giving people the opportunity to discover their IQ score.

Tests will be held at The Quaker Centre in Downhead Park on February 15, for a fee of £22.50.

Those who receive an IQ score within the top two per cent of the population will be invited to join Mensa.

“A Mensa IQ test is an ideal way to realise your potential,” said British Mensa chairman Chris Tyler.

Successful candidates would be joining a club with more than 110,000 members around the world. About 21,000 Mensans are based in the British Isles, with 135 in Milton Keynes.

To book your test visit www.mensa.org.uk or email bookatest@mensa.org.uk