Willen Hospice needs YOU: Give £5 a month to help fund future of Hospice

Paul Hinson, ceo of Paul Hinson
Paul Hinson, ceo of Paul Hinson

The Citizen has launched a campaign to back Willen Hospice and help funding to secure its future.

This financial year the Hospice is facing a predicted cash shortfall of £500k and is asking our readers to help.

Willen Hospice needs to raise around £3.6 million from the community every year to continue to provide its 
specialist care and support to patients and families at no charge.

In a special message to Citizen readers chief executive Paul Hinson,said: “It has been a difficult period of fundraising for the Hospice and our level of available funds are not where we need them to be – it’s a real wake up call to a problem we have in securing regular contributions from the community.

“We would urge people not to see us as a service safe from financial pressures – this is simply not the case.

Mr Hinson continued: “Willen Hospice exists as it does only with the funding generated by the community.

“The funding we receive from the community directly pays for patient care – from syringes to specialist medical machinery to bedding to nurses’ wages to support sessions for bereaved children to transport for our Hospice at Home team allowing them to visit patients in the community.

“Willen Hospice belongs to the people of Milton Keynes – we urgently need the help of the community to ensure we’ll always be there to care for our patients and their families”.

“Willen Hospice is asking the people of Milton Keynes to support the Hospice by setting up a monthly donation.

“We’re asking readers of the Citizen to give Willen Hospice £5 a month – this would go a long way to help ensure the Hospice is there for patients and families both now and in the future.

“By providing a regular donation, you can help secure the future of Willen Hospice in allowing it to continue provide weeks, months and years of regular help that truly makes a difference to the end of life care for their patients.”

> Please visit www.willen-hospice.org.uk or call 01908 303076 to support Willen.

> Willen Hospice, based at a quite lakeside area, is a registered charity was opened in 1974. It provides specialist care for people whose illness no longer responds to curative treatment (also known as specialist palliative care).