Willen Lake responds to questions about new '˜controversial' Splash '˜n' Play park

Since the announcement of Willen Lake's Splash '˜n' Play park - many MK residents have questioned the prices, parking and age limits.

Friday, 23rd June 2017, 9:57 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 10:59 am

The organisers on behalf of The Parks Trust have now issued an official comment addressing these issues.

SEE MORE: Willen Lake announces details about new Splash ‘n’ Play parkThe official Willen Lake Facebook page posted yesterday: “The Parks Trust is a self-financing charity and we have to charge a fee in order to be able to build and run this fantastic new facility.

“In a very busy park such as Willen Lake it is essential we manage the flow of people using the splash park, a free-for-all would be dangerous.

“Many comparisons made to free splash parks are those run and funded by local councils and paid for by your council tax – we do not receive any council tax money, we are entirely self financing.

“Splash ‘n’ Play is funded purely through the charity. All proceeds from our operations such as the splash park and car parking go back in to the care and maintenance of parks and green spaces in Milton Keynes for the enjoyment of all.”

The park is set to open on July 15, in time for the summer holidays.

It will cover 1000m², making it one of the UK’s largest outdoor splash parks, and considerably bigger than others in the local area.

The statement continued: “Last year we spent over £300,000 just on litter collection alone - we reviewed other, similar splash parks around the country and 30 minutes is not uncommon.

“We also conducted market research and this together with our business plan is how we arrived at £3 per session.

“If, once we start operating, we find that we need to review this then we will.

“The current session length also offers the advantage that you don’t have to wait long for the next session if you can’t get on which means that we can ensure as many children get to enjoy the park as possible.

“To answer a further common question – yes, adults will be admitted in to the splash park and will not be charged.

“There is a waiting area in which refreshments can be purchased which will overlook the water park.

“Adults will be allowed on to the water play areas to help assist their children if needed.”

This phase has cost £2.8million, and a second phase of around £1.5million is planned for next year to further improve the site’s facilities.

Rob Wood, general manager, said: “Since we announced the development at Willen Lake, we’ve been inundated by people wanting to find out more about Splash ‘n’ Play.

“We’re sure it will prove very popular, it’s going to be packed with features for children of all ages to enjoy, in the beautiful surroundings of Willen Lake.”