Willen surgery is now repossessed

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The final death knell has sounded for doomed Willen GP surgery as the building was this week repossessed by the finance company.

More than 5,500 patients must now give up hope that the village surgery will ever be re-opened by NHS England.

The repossession is the latest twist in an extraordinary saga of events over the pastseven months.

The practice closed its doors without warning in April after the sole remaining GP Dr Agnelo Lobo suddenly quit his post.

His colleague Dr ‘Eddie’ Okafor has been suspended by the GMC months earlier.

Disgruntled patients were hurriedly transferred to neighbouring surgeries while NHS England admitted it had “no plans” to re-open Willen.

As the other practices struggled to cope with the extra patients, Willen surgery owner and founding GP Dr Ron Carter was struggling to meet the £125,000 building loan repayments.

“I had to stop paying and let it be repossessed. I had no choice,” he said this week.

“I built that practice up with blood sweat and tears for 22 years. Words cannot describe how I feel now. but it is the patients for whom I feel deeply sorry.”

Last month Dr Lobo died unexpectedly of a heart attack during a Christian pilgrimage through the Pyrenees.

At the same time Dr Okafor was cleared by the GMC to work again.

He told the Citizen: It has all been harrowing. My heart goes out to the patients – they have had a raw deal.”