Winning streak mum knows breast is best

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A first-time mum found breast feeding her baby brought a totally unexpected bonus – in the form of £5.000 worth of competition wins.

As Hazel Markland fed little Riley with one hand, she used the other to enter competitions on her laptop.

Nine months on, her house and her wardrobe are bursting with bounty she has won.

“Every other day of the week the postman brings a new prize. It’s amazing!” she said.

Her best wins have been a new dress every month and a makeover courtesy of Reveal magazine, theatre trips, gym membership, and hundreds of pounds worth of handbags and shoes.

“I have also won enough perfume, make-up and hair products to last me for years.

“I’ve had free toys and clothes for Riley, and enough equipment to update my whole kitchen.”

Hazel, 40, is the Citizen’s systems manager, and took a year’s maternity leave to look after Riley.

“I loved it but I found I was getting bored sitting for hours and hours a day feeding him. I wanted something fun that I could do one-handed,” she said.

Now Riley is weaned, Hazel spends an hour every evening indulging her hobby, mainly through the free website The Prizefinder.

“It’s so easy, The most you have to do is fill in your name and address or occasionally make up a slogan,” she said.

Hazel advises all would-be compers to set up a new email address for their own security and convenience.

“It helps avoid your inbox getting clogged up with spam,” she added. “That is the only downfall of giving your details repeatedly.

“I had no idea comping was so rewarding though. I never would have discovered it if I hadn’t been breast feeding Riley. As far as I’m concerned, breast is most definitely best!”