Woburn’s church bells to ring out once more

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Woburn’s ancient church bells are soon to ring out again loud and clear - thanks to a retired physics expert in Gloucestershire.

Professor Angela Newing lived in Woburn as a girl and learned to bell ring at St Mary’s Church.

For the past four months the eight bells have been silent because some of them needed re-hanging.

Professor Newing gave a donation to enable the church to carry out the work.

Seven of the bells have now been newly hanged and will sound as good as new, said bellringer Raymond Watkin.

Bedford Estates provided further help by commissioning specialists to clean and repair the bell chamber, which has been damaged by bird droppings over the years.

Bird proof netting has been installed in the tower to prevent further damage.

Now St Mary’s has organised a service to re-dedicate the bells on May 14 at 11am.

“The bells will ring out to welcome everyone to the service. It will be a lovely sound,” said Mr Watkin.