Woburn Safari Park holds charity Rhino weekend

Woburn Safari Park is hosting a special Rhino Mayday fundraising weekend to help raise awareness and much needed funds for Save the Rhino International.

Wednesday, 27th April 2016, 10:25 am
Updated Wednesday, 27th April 2016, 11:29 am

All money from this weekend’s activities will be going directly to support their activities to reduce poaching, reduce habitat loss, monitor rhino numbers and educate people about this majestic species.

Visitors can book for a special limited edition tour with a rhino keeper, going off road to meet the herd and learn all about them – all for just £10 per person.

Tours are non-exclusive and last approximately 45 minutes each.

There are multiple threats to rhinos’ survival, nearly all of which are caused by humans. Over the past few decades, a drastic decline in population numbers has been fuelled by the illegal rhino horn trade, habitat loss and political conflict.

At the beginning of the 20th century there were 500,000 rhinos across Africa and Asia.

By 1970 numbers were down to 70,000, and today just over 20,000 remain in the wild.

At this rate of decline, this majestic species is in very real danger of extinction. To read all about the threats that face this species and see why the work of Save the Rhino is so important, visit www.savetherhino.org/rhino_info/threats_to_rhino

Woburn Safari Park is open daily between 10am and 5pm. To book tickets or for more information visit http://www.woburnsafari.co.uk