Woburn Sands to get high-speed broadband

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WOBURN Sands is the latest place to be upgraded to receive BT’s super-fast broadband service.

More than 3,500 local households and firms in the town will be eligible to join the high-speed revolution as engineers complete the local work in the next few weeks.

Woburn Sands follows other areas in Milton Keynes Bradwell Abbey, Wolverton, Shenley Church End and Newport Pagnell where fibre is already available. By the end of the year more than 2.7 million homes and businesses across the south east will be able to benefit as a result of BT’s £2.5 billion fibre roll-out programme.

However, there are still areas of Milton Keynes that aren’t able to get super-fast broadband, and aren’t scheduled to upgraded to get it until at least 2014.

John Weaver, BT’s South East regional director, said: “The arrival of fibre in Woburn Sands can really help local firms in these economically challenging times, opening up new ways of working and speeding up vital operations, such as file and data transfers, conferencing and computer back-up, all of which may also help cut costs.”

Councillor David Hopkins, Mayor of Woburn Sands and Chairman of the Town Council, said: “This is a significant step for Woburn Sands. High-speed digital connectivity is a defining factor in our long-term success. At a time when our local economy needs a much needed boost, important developments such as BT’s investment in super-fast broadband offer us the potential to create new opportunities, services and growth.”