Wolverton community shows solidarity with Railcare workers

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The people of Wolverton came out to express solidarity and offer prayer to the 119 Railcare workers who were made redundant on Friday, just as some of their heartbreaking individual stories have started to emerge.

Worshippers from St George the Martyr Church in Wolverton joined workers outside the entrance to the train repair depot on Sunday morning in a showing of support from the local community.

Administrators confirmed 119 redundancies at Railcare’s Wolverton site – around 40 per cent of the workforce – and 33 in Glasgow after talks with potential buyers broke down last week.

The names of those made redundant at the Wolverton Works were read out from a list, just as morning shift workers were heading home and those getting ready to start work in the afternoon arrived.

Some of those named on the list were not present for various reasons and can expect a letter of confirmation through the post this week.

It is claimed that one of those made redundant is still in a coma following a serious accident last weekend.

Another worker had just returned from holiday when he found out the news.

He said: “I’m considered one of the junior workers because I’ve only been here 22 years, but now I’m off down to the job centre tomorrow.

“There are people they let go who have only ever had one job interview. They did their apprenticeships and have worked here all their lives.

“People don’t have CVs. They don’t have internet. This is all they know. They have their trade and don’t know what else to do.

“It’s a very emotional time. Some of those let go are like family to me and I may never see them again, or shake their hands and say ‘nice working with you’. People had tears in their eyes.”