Woman, 89, left lying bleeding in Milton Keynes road for more than two hours before “urgent” ambulance arrives

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An 89-year-old woman was left lying in the middle of a road, semi-conscious and bleeding, for more than two hours before an ambulance arrived.

Concerned residents covered her with blankets and organised a DIY traffic block to protect her during the mammoth wait.

“It was horrible. We kept calling 999 to ask how long the ambulance would be. All they would say is that they were busy,” said a resident

The woman, who has Parkinson’s Disease, had stumbled as she was crossing Horn Lane in Stony Stratford at around 4.15 pm last Friday.

“ We all know this lady and she is lovely,” said the resident.

“She landed on her face and was unconscious. There was blood everywhere and she had fallen with some force.”

“She was in the middle of the road, but we didn’t dare move her in case she had a head injury.”

An ambulance was called and as the minutes ticked by, five more calls were made.

Just before 6pm a paramedic car arrived. The medics assessed the victim, who was by then conscious but confused, and called an ambulance themselves. It arrived at around 6.21pm.

A spokesman for South Central Ambulance Service said: “From the information received, the incident was triaged as a Category 3 ‘urgent’ call which requires a response on scene in two hours.

“SCAS, like all ambulance services, has a target of responding to nine out of ten Category 3

calls within two hours. Whilst we always endeavor to get such patients sooner than two hours, there

are occasionally times when this is not possible because we prioritise our limited resources to those patients suffering a life-threatening emergency or more serious injuries or illnesses as their need is greater.”

The elderly lady was admitted to hospital because of shock and the severity of her injuries. Three days later, on Monday, she was back at her home.


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