Woman at Blue Lagoon incident in Milton Keynes “fighting for her life”

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A young woman is fighting for her life in hospital after being miraculously rescued from the notorious Blue Lagoon lake in Bletchley.

The female in her early twenties was pulled out of the lake in an apparently lifeless state by eight members of the public after she become tangled in the reeds.

Her rescuers carried out CPR while emergency services sped to the scene.

An eye witness told the Citizen: “She was not breathing. Everyone was crowding round and people were getting hysterical.

“First a police officer came and took over the CPR then the fire engines arrived and firefighters jumped out and helped too. They were amazing.

“Then the ambulance people arrived. It was looking as though there was no hope but the paramedics started using machines and equipment to try to get her breathing.”

Incredibly after up to ten minutes of not breathing, the girl suddenly showed slight signs of life.

She was rushed off in an air ambulance to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, where her condition is said to be serious.

The drama came five days after 61-year-old Paul Allsop died in the same lake, which attracts dozens of swimmers every day.

He is believed to have suffered a heart attack after swimming out to retrieve a ball for a child.

On Saturday, the day after Paul’s death, police and fire crews visited the Drayton Road lake for a water safety day. Shortly before their arrival another young girl got into difficulties in the water and almost drowned.

Officers handed out leaflets warning not to bathe in open waters, where extreme temperatures can cause cramps and breathlessness for even competent swimmers.

During Wednesday’s drama dozens of the leaflets were seen screwed up and discarded at the lakeside.

A fire service spokesman has now repeated the warning but praised everybody involved in the latest rescue.

He said: “We cannot praise highly enough everybody who helped and came to the aid of this person.”