Woman driven home by bus driver – in his car!

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A woman from Milton Keynes is calling on her fellow citizens to be nicer to bus drivers after one of them drove her about 20 miles home – in his own car.

Demi Spellman suffers with ME and was having a bad day when she accidently boarded the last number 150 bus heading for Aylesbury, instead of a number 70 or 19 going to her home in Fenny Stratford.

The 54-year-old had been on a shopping trip to Asda in Bletchley and grew increasingly concerned as the bus headed out of town on the A5.

She became even more disorientated and began to panic, fearing that she would be stranded in Aylesbury because there were no more buses due to go in the other direction and she was short of money.

However, that was when driver Chris Stace stepped in and offered to drive Demi all the way home.

“He told me to calm down and that he would sort it for me,” said Demi.

“We drove back to the bus depot and he said he would drive me home in his own car. I trusted him. He seemed like a good person.

“I see people get on and off of buses all the time and some people don’t even say thank you to the driver. It must be a lonely job and they probably don’t feel appreciated most of the time.

“I always say thank you and since Chris drove me all the way home. I always think about him when I see other people being rude to drivers.”

Chris said: “I was going that way back to my home in Milton Keynes so it was no big deal to be honest.

“She was a charming lady and bought me a lovely box of chocolates to say thank you.”