Woman fined £1000: ‘No excuse for abandoning old cars’


A woman who abandoned her car when she moved home has been ordered to pay fines and legal costs of more than £1,000.

Halima Hussein, 42, of Kite Hill, Eaglestone, was convicted in her absence by Milton Keynes Magistrates on Friday and fined £400.

She was also ordered to pay the council’s legal costs of £668.88, plus £225 compensation to cover the costs for removing and destroying the car.

In July 2014, enforcement officers from the council’s environmental crime unit attended a report of an abandoned Honda Civic parked outside an address in Perivale, Monkston.

The car had no tax, a flat tyre and weeds were growing up around it.

Enquiries revealed that the owner, Ms Hussein, had moved away. A notice was placed upon the car informing the owners of the council’s intention to remove and destroy it after seven days had expired.

Once that time had passed, officers re-inspected the car and, deeming it to be abandoned, ordered its destruction.

Officers managed to track down the new address for the keeper, but she failed to co-operate with the investigation.

Environmental Crime Team Leader, Pete Roberts, said: “With scrapyards offering less and less money for end-of-life vehicles, we anticipate that there will be some temptation to abandon these types of cars.

“Milton Keynes Council offers a free ‘Dial-a-Wreck’ service, where we will collect these types of vehicles, so there is no excuse for abandoning old cars to become a nuisance in our borough.”