Woman fined for dumping rubbish


A woman was ordered to pay nearly £900 when she pleaded guilty to illegally dumping rubbish at the rear of her property.

Louise Aherne, 32, of Ennerdale Close, Bletchley, was fined £100 and a further £90 in compensation to cover the cost of clearing the waste under Section 33 Environmental Protection Act 1990. Legal costs of £685 were awarded to Milton Keynes Council.

Magistrates had heard on Wednesday, June 8, that Aherne and others had removed a sofa, wooden items and bags of clothing and other rubbish from her house and had lifted them over her back fence onto the grass area at the back of her property.

Milton Keynes Council enforcement officers and Thames Valley police officers on joint patrols discovered the dumped rubbish on Tuesday May 18 last year.

Enquiries led them to Aherne’s address, but despite repeated visits and letters, she failed to respond and was subsequently reported for dumping the rubbish.

Aherne explained how she had arranged for one of her relatives to remove the waste but they had been called away and left the waste behind to collect later, but this didn’t happen before it was discovered.

Upon sentencing, magistrates told Aherne that it was an expensive lesson to learn and that one telephone call to the council could have sorted this out months ago.

Shaun Greig, environmental enforcement team leader, said, “Dumping waste over back fences is an offence and costs the council taxpayer money to clear it up.

“Milton Keynes Council offers a free collection service for this type of waste and we would have collected these items from her garden without the need for her to commit a criminal offence.”