Woman fined for piled up rubbish in her car park space outside Milton Keynes home

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A Bletchley woman is facing a bill of nearly £1,000 in fines after ignoring a notice ordering her to clear the waste from her car parking bay.

Toni Whitley, 31, of Magenta Close, was served with a Litter Clearing Notice on October 18 after several failed attempts to get her to clear rubbish left on the parking space at the rear of her house.

Milton Keynes Council officers found broken furniture, plastic bins, boxes, sand and other waste items stacked up behind her back fence which looked completely out of keeping with the rest of the street.

The notice ordered her to clear the waste within four weeks or face a £100 Fixed Penalty Notice, but when enforcement officers returned to inspect on the 28th day of the notice being served, they found that nothing had changed.

The council cleared the waste and she was issued with the fixed penalty notice.

She failed to pay this and she was summonsed to appear before Milton Keynes Magistrates on Friday, but she did not attend court and the case was proved in her absence.

She was fined £400 and ordered to pay the council’s costs of £536.20.

Pete Roberts, environmental crime team leader, said, “We need people to look after where they live and where we have evidence that people are not doing this, we will take the necessary action.”