Woman’s worry as wall blown down in stormy weather

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A woman in her sixties has been left fearing for her safety after her garden wall was blown down in the recent storms.

Jaqueline Collier, who lives in Eaglestone, had her wall blown down during a period of very strong wind and rain on January 3 and immediately called the housing services at Milton Keynes Council.

She was worried that the rubble from the wall had fallen onto a public pathway which runs close to Falconhurst School.

She said: “If there is more bad weather the whole wall will collapse.

“The children are back to school this week and I’m concerned that people walking past can see into my front room.”

After contacting the council, workers were swiftly sent round to clear the rubble from the pathway. However, Mrs Collier, 60, is upset that repair work will not be carried out as soon as she would like.

“I called the council about it and someone there asked me if I was sure someone hadn’t leaned on the wall? It’s been like banging my head against a brick wall!” she said.

“I mean, do I leave my garden lights on or turn them off? The rubble may have gone now but I wanted this to be sorted. But it looks like I will be waiting for a little bit longer now.”

A council spokesman said: “Unfortunately the very severe weather has caused damage to a number of council properties across the borough, and we are having to prioritise our repairs.

“We have already visited this property to remove the debris, and to make it safe.

“We will be making a further visit to this property this week for a more detailed structural examination of the wall, but it may indeed take a few weeks before we are able to repair it.”