Woman tipped kitten in canal

Kitten rescued after being thrown in canal
Kitten rescued after being thrown in canal

A GRANDMOTHER watched in horror as a well-dressed woman calmly tipped a kitten into the canal to drown.

Pam Harvey saw the stranger walk along Bletchley’s Sycamore Avenue at 6am, carrying a brown cardboard box in both arms.

Kitten rescued after being thrown in canal

Kitten rescued after being thrown in canal

“I was looking out my bedroom window and I was curious about what she was doing at that time in the morning,” she said.

Pam watched the woman, who was aged between 20 and 30 and wearing a beige jacket, walk to the bridge over the canal at Manor Fields.

“She stood on the bridge and tipped the box so something fell out into the canal. Then she threw the box itself into the water,” she said.

“It didn’t make sense. Why should she go to that much trouble to tip something into the canal?

“It was unlikely to be rubbish because I knew the binmen were coming that very morning.”

Pam, 70, hastily put on her dressing gown and ran down the street.

“The woman had disappeared. I looked over the bridge but I couldn’t see anything.

“Then I heard a tiny miaow from the side of the water.”

Trying to clamber frantically up the bank was a soaking wet and shivering black and white kitten, wearing a pink collar.

As Pam scooped the kitten to safety she heard another miaow from across the bank.

While kitten number one, christened Bridget because she was found under the bridge, was warmed up at Pam’s house, RSPCA officials searched for its litter-mate, even borrowing a boat for a better view.

Sadly the kitten was never found.

But the following day, Friday, sharp-eyed Pam spotted an adult cat with identical markings nearby.

“There was no doubt she was the mother. She still had milk. She is now being cared for by the RSPCA,” said Pam, who is keeping the kitten.

The city’s RSPCA is currently inundated with dumped kittens, which are being rescued at the rate of several a DAY.

The charity is keen to prosecute the canal dumper. It has appealed for anyone with information about her, or anyone willing to adopt a kitten, to call MK 611179.