Woman too scared to turn on heating after unwanted energy company switch

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A determined energy company based in MK has been accused of “stealing” a pensioner’s gas and electricity supply without her consent.

Green Star Energy literally refused to take no for an answer when a salesperson phoned Sandra Camwell to ask if she wanted to switch suppliers.

“I told them I was not interested. Then the following month I was amazed when my existing supplier SSE asked me for a final meter reading,” said Sandra, who is in her mid 70s.

“When I asked why, they told me Green Star has taken over my electricity and gas. They’d done it totally without my authority.”

Sandra complained to Green Star to no avail. She contacted Citizen’s Advice and even put in a call to the government’s energy minister.

Her electricity supply was switched back to SSE earlier this summer. Yet, five months on, her gas supply is still with Green Star – and she is too scared to switch on her central heating.

“I don’t want to use any gas because I don’t know who I’m paying for it,” she said.

“I’ve had no apology from Green Star. Luckily the original sales call was taped, so they know I said no. Their current excuse is that they have problems with their computer system. I think they’ve been underhand and dishonest.”

A spokesman for Green Star Energy,based in Elder Gate, said the delay was unusual and they were working towards a resolution.He said the company “regretted” any upset caused to Mrs Camwell.

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