Women will race three miles on Spacehopper toys

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A fitness-crazy bunch of women are to bounce the Race for Life on SPACEHOPPERS in memory of a friend who was beaten by breast cancer.

Melanie Martuccio was a popular member of Fit Body Bootcamp at Bletchley.

The mum of four had vowed to get fit after finishing treatment for breast cancer.

But sadly, despite her best efforts, the disease returned last year and spread throughout her body. She died two months after she was re-diagnosed.

“We miss her so much,” said boot camp boss Helen Colby. “She’d just got the all clear when she joined us. Her hair hadn’t grown back and she was low in confidence.

“But soon she was friends with everyone and would walk in every morning with a big smile.”

Melanie’s favourite time was the post-session Spacehopper race, for which she’d sometimes don a silly red wig to raise a laugh.

Now four of the boot camp staff are bouncing 5 km around the Campbell Park course on Sunday. Their sponsorship money will go to cancer research.

Said Helen: “Mel would have loved it – and it’s an excellent form of exercise, particularly for the thighs.

“We’re all pretty fit, but I think we’ll all have trouble walking the morning afterwards!”