Woodhill Prison accused of neglect by former inmate

A former Woodhill inmate has claimed a suicidal prisoner was ignored and even PUNISHED by staff.

Thursday, 22nd September 2016, 9:59 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:41 pm

Rob Nicol was an official ‘insider’ at the jail, which has seen eight suicides within a nine month period and another attempted suicide on Monday last week.

Rob’s job was to meet and greet new inmates and ensure they were looked after.

SEE MORE: Woodhill prison could face scrutiny after yet another inmate diesOne such inmate was 31-year-old Thomas Morris, who was tragically found hanged in his cell in June.

Rob said: “All the prisoners on the wing were doing their best to look after Tom. We all knew his state of mind was terrible and I begged the prison officers to help.

“But the way he was treated was appalling. He was neglected and it blew my mind.”

“Tom had already made one attempt to hang himself but a prisoner opposite saw him trying to do it and screamed for help. He threw his TV off the landing and complained that there were crows on his window talking to him.

“Clearly his mind was unbalanced. But the officers punished him by moving him to another wing, away from all his friends protecting him, and banging him up alone.”

SEE MORE: How many more inmates will die inside Woodhill jail?Rob believes crippling staff shortages and a lack of Samaritan-trained Listeners at the jail is to blame for the suicide crisis.

He is asking the government to make urgent changes.

All 71 inmates on Woodhill’s 2A Wing have signed a petition claiming the jail failed Tom Morris.