Woof you believe it: Dogs doing yoga


The first ever yoga venue in the UK to host a class specifically for dogs was held in MK this weekend.

A total of 11 dogs took part in the ‘doga’ session at Sweat Studios, which is based at The Hub.



The canine session, which was held as part of an open day for the studio, was led by yoga teacher Mahny Djahanguiri and her Maltese pooch Robbie.

Mahny said: “I think it went absolutely brilliantly considering the dogs had just met. We had all types of breed in the class and I was quite overwhelmed by the end of it.”

Mahny, who launched Doga at Harrod’s pet bar in 2012, added: “When you are in absolute meditation you can really appreciate something that you love. Everything is heightened so it deepens the bond you have with your dog.

“I’m really honoured that Kirsty took us seriously and organised the doga session at her open day.”



Claire Abercrombie, who took part with her dog Barney, said: “It was such a great experience to learn about the benefits of doga and how I can incorporate Barney into the different stretches.

Georgia Jelley, who was also in attendance with dog Lilly, said: “I felt the doga class helped me and my dog to relax.

“We were shown how to synchronise our breathing with our dogs and give them massages which Mahny said can help boost their well-being.”

Kirsty Lowe, founder of Sweat Studios, said: “We think yoga is fun and we’re happy to try anything at Sweat. Our open day was all about showing people that we do a lot more than just hot yoga and we try to be inclusive of everyone and everything, dogs included.

“All money raised from the class was in aid of the National Animal Welfare Trust, where my own dog, Holly, was rehomed from.

“We know a lot of our clients are dog owners and we thought holding a class for their pets was a nice thing to do.”

More than 150 people attended the open day, which offered a variety of different yoga classes, including heated and non-heated sessions and classes designed to target everything from stress relief to flexibility, strength and cardiovascular fitness.

For more information, visit www.sweatstudios.co.uk