Work to start on freezing homes

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ELDERLY residents across Milton Keynes are set to have their prayers answered as the council acts to provide better insulation for their homes.

A council meeting, held at the Civic Offices before Christmas, saw a number of residents complaining to councillors about the effect that the big freeze was having on them and their houses.

Sonje Plain, 65, who lives in Burtree Close, Stacey Bushes, was one of those who has been campaigning for home improvements for the elderly for the past six months.

She said: “The council meeting went very well. We had residents from Burtree Close and Bletchley there who all said their piece.

“That was the point I was making.

“I’m not just fighting for the elderly in my estate but those all across the city.”

Work is now set to begin in Burtree Close in April where fixing draughts and insulations will take place, as well as installing thicker windows.

Sonje said: “It is a big victory for us as they have agreed to work on at least three houses a day which is up from the original two a day that was promised to us before.”

For now Sonje has given many residents in Burtree Close draught excluders and extra blankets to help them cope a bit better with the big freeze that has affected a lot of the country.

Councillor Chris Williams, cabinet member for housing, said that work on some homes is set to begin in January.

He said: “We have found some money in the budget which will allow us to start helping those who live in houses that are truly the worst for the cold weather.

“In order to keep my commitment to this I have published the houses that will be dealt with, along with a timescale on when they will be looking to be finished, on the council website. That way people can see that we are committed to getting the job done.”