‘Work with us’ Milton Keynes Council urges private landlords

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Milton Keynes Council has relaunched its Enhanced Private Sector Leasing Scheme to encourage private landlords to work with the council rather than let their properties to other councils who are shipping their homeless families to Milton Keynes.

“On January 13 we had 619 homeless households in temporary accommodation. Many of these are in properties outside of Milton Keynes. We want to bring them home to Milton Keynes, but we need local good quality landlords to work with the council.”

The scheme offers a range of benefits to good private landlords in return for them leasing their property to the Council.

The main benefits are:

A guaranteed rent every month (10% above local housing allowance level)

A full management service

No service or administrative charges

Repairs completed.

Gas safety checks carried out each year.

“We want good quality private landlords to work with the Council so that their properties can be used to house local families with children in Milton Keynes,” Cllr Nigel Long concluded.

“Whilst this is not a solution to the housing crisis the city faces, it is a further step in trying to keep homeless families closer to the communities they come from and closer to the schools their children go to.”