Woughton will remain united

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FURIOUS residents have voiced their concerns over plans to review the parish boundaries in Woughton.

Residents from the Woughton Community Council area attended a meeting organised by the council, looking into the possibility of changing the boundaries.

Councillor Hannah O’Neill said residents from every estate within the parish spoke in favour of retaining the existing boundaries.

She said: “They spoke with passion and rejected the division and segregation.”

The review meeting saw a proposal to retain a united parish council passed.

This will now be consulted upon and the further findings reported to Milton Keynes Council.

Woughton councillor Steve Coventry believes the residents are right to question this approach.

He said: “Any further consultation must cover all residents and all estates.

“It is wrong to ask just 772 of the parish residents and not the other 12,300.

“Milton Keynes Council must get its consultation right. It must be fair and inclusive.”

Councillor O’Neill added: “I think the message was clear that across Woughton Community Council there is a real desire to stay as one parish, and it saddens me that one, relatively small pocket of people feels disenfranchised enough to begin this ‘partition’ campaign.”

Milton Keynes Council has now proposed that no changes will take place in Woughton, but is inviting people to submit their views.

The period to receive those representations will run until Saturday, September 23.

Residents and interested organisations can submit their views to parish.consultations@milton-keynes.gov.uk

A summary of all the submissions received will be presented to the working group at a meeting in October.