Would-be new housing estate is flooded out

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The proposed site for a controversial 1,800 home mini estate has flooded so severely that it resembles a lake.

And protesting residents, who have spent months warning of the flood risks, have delivered a resounding “we told you so” to would-be developers Gallagher Estates.

The company is seeking planning permission to build the houses, two schools and a local centre at the historic Eaton Leys farm between Bletchley and Little Brickhill.

Objectors say the scheme would put a strain on traffic and local facilities as well as the already precarious flood defences of the River Ouzel.

“The recent heavy rain proved our fears are not unfounded. The site was underwater within a couple of days,” said one resident of nearby Mill Road.

“The water will eventually subside because the ground currently acts like a sponge and absorbs it,” he added.

“But if the site is covered in concrete and 1,800 houses, who knows what will happen. This is simply the wrong place to build homes.”

Gallagher Estates have said flood defence works would be carried out before any homes are built on the Eaton Leys site.

Its planning application is due to be considered by both Milton Keynes Council and Aylesbury Vale District Council within the next few months.

It is the second major development proposed for the area. The other applicants are the South West Milton Keynes consortium, which is seeking permission to build 1,855 homes on 55 hectares of land at Salden Chase.