Would you like to adopt a cat?

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People looking to adopt two small cats are being invited to check out two pets from Cats Protection.

Sox and brother Felix have had a dismal start to their young lives. They were born outside and had no interaction with people until they were older kittens. Their fosterer has dedicated a considerable amount of time helping them to overcome their shyness.

Felix has responded and is the more outgoing of the pair. It will take him time to trust his new owner but once he does he will be affectionate. They are looking for an experienced cat owner with whom he can bond and who has the time and patience to invest in him. In addition, your home will need to be a quiet one with no children or other pets. Are you the “one in a million” who can bring Felix out of his shell and give him a warm and loving home?

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of his fosterer, Sox has not responded to the TLC lavished on him. He remains shy and nervous and is unlikely to become a domesticated cat. They think Sox would be happiest living his life on a smallholding or farm where his exposure to people is minimal. However, he will need to be cared for - with a warm, dry bed at night and daily food and water. Is there space for this little cat on your smallholding or farm?

If you are interested in either of these cats, please complete the form on the website www.mkcats.org.uk

All rehomings are subject to a successful home visit.