Wrong type of work on the track means no sleep for David

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A BLETCHLEY resident has complained about the noise generated by night time work on the railway.

David Lamb, from Windsor Street, has been affected by loud track work that has been taking place since Christmas on the West Coast Main Line. The track passes by less than 200m away from his house.

He says that work on the route has been disrupting his sleeping patterns and that he and other residents have not been informed.

“We’ve had constant noise between 11:30 at night and 4am the following morning for a while now – since before Christmas,” he said.

“But recently it’s been getting louder.

“We often hear noises from loud machinery that get louder the closer I go towards the railway. It’s disrupted our sleeping patterns as it’s very hard to get back to sleep.

“Normally we get messages if track work is going on, but we’ve had no communication from anybody about it. Maybe we’re not close enough to the track to get the information, but we can certainly hear the noise all the way to the track and the old depot.”

The line receives constant track maintenance to help keep services running during the daytime. Doing this is difficult in the day as over 16 trains per hour run on the mainline through Bletchley station, which is situated on one of the busiest routes in the country.

A Network Rail spokesman said: “We often have to work in the middle of the night. The line through Bletchley is the busiest passenger and freight route in the UK and we have little time to do work. Normally, we send out messages warning people of this but this person seems to be just outside.

“We have to do work to keep the track in the best shape as people don’t want to be on replacement buses all the time. But we apologise for any stress this has caused.”