X marks the spot of The Great Xscape '˜Nazi swastika' row in Milton Keynes

New signs planned for the Xscape will make the building resemble a Luftwaffe air hangar adorned with a Nazi swastika, claim protesters.

Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 1:15 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 1:18 pm

The owners of the iconic building have applied for planning permission to erect an 11 metre tall letter X above the entrance.

But it’s prompted a real battle of the Xs with city architecture campaign group Xplain, who have scrutinised artist’s impressions of the plans (pictured below).

“Due to the shape of the building, and the fact that the X sign will be so thick and black, we really believe it will look like a swastika on a Luftwaffe hangar,” said Xplain spokesman Linda Inoki.

The group also objects to the second illuminated sign planned for under the Xscape screen.

This will be 26 metres long with white stick-on vinyl letter saying, ‘Make Great Your Xscape’. Ironically the proposed font is called ‘Galano Grotesque’

Linda said: “It will indeed be a grotesque intrusion on the skyline and is totally out of tune with the character of CMK. Typically MK has resisted billboards and the type of commercial clutter that spoils other towns.

“And the signs are unnecessary. The Xscape is a famous landmark in its own right. It would be like putting a huge ‘ET’ billboard on top of the Eiffel Tower and beaming it across the whole of Paris.”

Front elevation, existing and proposed

The Xscape, built in 2000, is owned by Landsec. Pearce Signs have applied to MK Council on their behalf for permission under delegated powers for the signs.

Last month the Parks Trust withdrew plans for two similarly huge signs at the entrance of Campbell Park following criticism from Xplain and the public.