Yes to AV gets a NO from centre

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A GROUP campaigning for a Yes vote on AV (Alternative Vote) got a big No when they visited various sites around the city.

The group initially hoped to launch its campaign with a banner drop at Bletchley Park but were asked to leave as the event was deemed a political demonstration. They were then told the same by bosses of Midsummer Place.

They eventually got the chance to launch the campaign on public land behind Christ the Cornerstone Church.

Chairman of the MK YES to AV group, Sacha Dhamani, said: “First Past the Post has failed. We have politicians holed up in safe seats with the kind of job security most of us could never dream of.

“The voting system is clearly serving politicians and not the people, and voters in Milton Keynes deserve better.”

On the same day MPs Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart joined the NO to AV campaign that took place at Witan Gate. They were looking to raise public knowledge of the Alternative Vote system and the cost of implementing it.

Mr Stewart said: “I am opposed to AV for many reasons, but my chief objection is it means some people’s votes will count for more than others – undermining the historic ‘one person, one vote’ tradition that we have in this country.”

Mr Lancaster added: “AV is a system which could give the gold medal to the person who hasn’t crossed the line first. It’s also expensive, complicated and unfair yet it’s what we are being asked to vote for on May 5.

“The only sensible thing to say to such a proposal is ‘no’. I was delighted to see evidence supporting that in Milton Keynes today with a giant inflatable sign alongside some of our campaigners.”