Yoga ‘flash mob’ hits shopping centre

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A huge yoga ‘flash mob’ took shoppers by surprise in Midsummer Place on Saturday.

The group of ‘yogis’ laid their mats down just outside Barclays Bank at the busiest time of day.

Led by local yoga schools and teachers, the idea was to showcase yoga to as many people as possible.

Starting with just one or two yogis, within minutes there were over 100 people moving silently in sequence, all dressed in white tops to ‘symbolise peace.’

The group covered a wide mixture of ages and abilities from young kids to retired people.

Deborah Berryman was one of the organiser and she said: “Only certain types of people tend to do yoga. Many feel they’re not fit enough, flexible enough or just too busy – and it’s exactly these guys who could use yoga in their lives.

“It’s about taking time out for yourself, giving your body and mind a break from the constant stresses of life and discovering a sense of calm that’s inside each of us.”