Yorkie savaged by husky-type dog on her own doorstep in Milton Keynes

Pepsi, on the right, with her sister Tootsie.
Pepsi, on the right, with her sister Tootsie.

A husky-type dog savaged a tiny yorkshire terrier to death and carried it home like a trophy.

The attack in Wavendon was the third pet death in a week by husky killers.

Twelve-year-old rescue dog Pepsi was dragged from the doorstep of her home and “ripped apart” by the larger dog.

Her owner, 54-year-old grandmother Patricia Hewer, had left the front door open while unloading shopping from her car.

Her husband David witnessed the attack from the window and fell down a flight of stairs as he ran to try and save their beloved pet.

Patricia said: “The other dog just walked onto our drive, picked Pepsi up, savaged her and carried her back to its own house.

“After falling down the stairs, David chased it down the street to get Pepsi back. He’s still having flashbacks about it.

“It’s only a matter of time before it’s a child who is attacked by this dog.”

Last week the Citizen revealed how two killer dogs rampaged through Heelands, savaging cats and attacking a passerby.No police action has yet been taken against the owner. Meanwhile the owners of the dog that killed Pepsi have paid Patricia’s vet’s bill .

The yorkie suffered punctured lungs, broken legs and throat wounds.

Said Patricia, who has 11 grandchildren: “We are just gutted - we can’t believe something like this has happened.”

Her other dog Tootsie, who is Pepsi’s sister, is pining for her pal .

Also heartbroken are Patricia’s grandchildren.

Megan Petford, 13, said: “Pepsi was the bravest dog I knew as my nan rescued her from a really bad life. We are all heartbroken.”