“You dirty old man!” Steptoe returns...


HALF a century after they first penned the classic comedy Steptoe & Son, writers Alan Simpson and Ray Galton will be in the audience this evening, when a new production of the show debuts at The Chrysalis Theatre.

Three of the original television scripts (The Bird, The Desperate Hours and Oh, What a Beautiful Mourning) have been adapted for the stage by the Milton Keynes Theatre of Comedy group.

Galton and Simpson belong firmly among the hierarchy of comic writers.

Aside from the battling relationship between father and son rag and bone men Albert and Harold, they are also responsible for the genius that was Hancock’s Half Hour...and the list of shows penned continues, with artists including Les Dawson and Frankie Howard also benefitting from their ace abilities.

Alan and Ray will be signing copies of their new book at this evening’s event, but if you miss tonight’s show, there are further opportunities to catch a performance at the Willen theatre nightly through to Saturday.

It might be something of a cliche to say so, but comedy today doesn’t match the marvellous, timeless funny of yesteryear.

The rag and bone man is largely a thing of the past now, of course, but that humour they gave us?

It is honest, real, gritty and true, and that it why it knocks spots off the majority of the current crop of sensationalist writers.

Simpson and Galton: We salute your flair!

When you match the best with the best, you can be sure of an ace delivery, and MKToC have a track record of quality themselves, most recently dazzling in Blackadder the Third and Fawlty Towers.

What a pairing this will be.

A tour will follow, but why wait?

Go see the showcase.

Call and book on 0845 241 0967.