Young drivers in Milton Keynes get in gear with smart new virtual reality experience

Visitors to the Young Drivers Milton Keynes venue can now put their ability to avoid driving distractions to the test, thanks to a new virtual reality experience.

Friday, 29th July 2016, 12:53 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 6:11 pm
Smart drive

The Goodyear Driving Academy game will be available for all youngsters undertaking a driving lesson at Milton Keynes Academy, off Fulwoods Drive. Young Driver is the UK’s largest provider of driving tuition for under-17s.

The app, which aims to teach teens about the dangers of driver distraction, was developed by Goodyear Tyres UK and is a VR 360-degree game which uses Google Cardboard goggles.

In the game, the player drives through various surroundings whilst having to deal with internal distractions, such as text messages appearing or passengers talking, and external distractions, such as pedestrians crossing the road or advertising billboards.

Recent research by Goodyear revealed that nearly one quarter (23 per cent) of young drivers aged 17-25 had experienced a road accident or near-miss in the past 12 months as a direct result of being distracted at the wheel.

“We’re delighted to be able to offer the Goodyear Driving Academy virtual reality game to our youngsters,” said Kim Stanton, who heads up Young Driver.

“It’s a fantastic experience for them to have, and really brings home the dangers of being distracted when behind the wheel – yet how easily it can happen.

“Young Driver’s aim has always been to create a safer next generation of drivers, and the work Goodyear does, and the game itself, fits with that perfectly. By getting to young people at an earlier age, and by repeating these messages and experiences with them before they take to the road for real, we can really make a difference.

“We feel so strongly about it that we’ve incorporated the game into our 2016 Young Driver Challenge. There is still time for anyone who has a lesson before the end of July to enter – the final is always the highlight of our year!”

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